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Pitch on Harter Fell

From the feedback forms we have received, there are readers who feel inspired to try wild backpacking but find the prospect a little daunting, and would like to know more about the fine detail and practical side of things. We have constructed this section to address this, and it gives a fairly detailed description of the way we tackle it based on our experience.


Legal issues →
Pitch spots →
Water →
Hygiene →
The Toilet business →

There are very few rules in this discipline and many opinions and variations among backpackers on most aspects of it. Our techniques evolve as we find slightly better ways of doing things and there is ample scope for backpackers to learn new tips and ideas from each other. Read our section, read what others are saying on the internet forums and have a go - we found our own way of doing it. For the first attempt, do try to go on a good weather forecast in the summer months!.

Beware of anyone who uses the term 'expert' in any sort of general or absolute sense. If we heeded all the dogmatic advice we had heard, we would still be clomping up mountains in heavy boots, wasting energy and suffering from blisters and bad feet. Lord save us from experts!.