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 List of all trips →  Each trip has a description and / or notes.
 All have an outline map except OS-mapped routes.
 Almost all trips are accompanied by photos.
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 List of panoramas →  All moving panoramas collected in one list.

The photos

The copyrighted photos are 'courtesyware' - as our site is strictly non-commercial, the only charge made for using them is courtesy - please credit this site with a link and drop us an email, as we would be interested. For printed projects we can also send you the original higher quality image.


Route maps are displayed via the new OS Data Hub facility that will initially show a 1:50,000 scale OS map with the route overlaid. The map can be zoomed in to 1:25,000 scale and moved around within the bounds of its extent. In all cases the actual map numbers required for the walk are specified.

We almost always print map sheets for our backpacks from Memory Map Navigator which greatly reduces the weight and bulk compared to the commercial preprinted maps. For those that use the preprinted maps, note that since the OS revamped their map structure and reissued everything, the new ones may give extended coverage and reduce the number of maps required. Note that some Explorer maps have been renumbered too.

Notes on the photography.