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Wetlands and Waterways Loop 1 day / 15 miles (23km)

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Visit Sefton Leeds and Liverpool canal Date: 09 Jun 2023
Start / Finish: Burscough Bridge station.
Maps: Explorer 285: Southport & Chorley.

Day 1Wetlands and Waterways Loop15 miles (23km)

A few photos from a single day walk of the Wetlands and Waterways Loop (WWL) route that, according to Visit Sefton, takes you around some of the flattest land in west Lancashire. Pretty cottages, nature reserves and quaint waterside pubs are just some of the things you can see along the way.

The route passes Martin Mere, a site of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, where a visit makes a delightful addition to the route.

The route is not specifically waymarked with its own logo. A couple of minor points to assist:-

At SD 43670 13215 near Monks Farm, the fingerpost points along the clear direct footpath north-west to Martin Mere, but this route heads south-west across fields on a path that is not initially obvious (in the first photo below, the path line is between the two crop fields, one furrowed and the other growing a cereal).

At SD 44910 15728 in Mere Sands Wood Nature Reserve, the line is slightly altered from the Visit Sefton route where a notice is posted about a brief closed section of path.

Day 1 - Wetlands and Waterways Loop

Crop fields and path junction
Crop fields and path junction (09 Jun 2023__09:43:50)
Angling Club pool
Angling Club pool (09 Jun 2023__10:53:37)
WWT - flamingo pool
WWT - flamingo pool (09 Jun 2023__12:45:29)
WWT pool
WWT pool (09 Jun 2023__12:48:20)
WWT pool
WWT pool (09 Jun 2023__12:49:55)
Wild swans and cygnets
Wild swans and cygnets (09 Jun 2023__12:52:48)
View from Harrier hide
View from Harrier hide (09 Jun 2023__13:06:04)
View from Rees hide
View from Rees hide (09 Jun 2023__13:28:49)
WWT pool
WWT pool (09 Jun 2023__13:57:34)
Flamingoes (09 Jun 2023__13:58:37)
White stork and chicks
White stork and chicks (09 Jun 2023__14:03:06)
Mere Sands Wood lake
Mere Sands Wood lake (09 Jun 2023__15:28:26)
Mere Sands Wood pool
Mere Sands Wood pool (09 Jun 2023__15:50:23)
Leeds and Liverpool canal (Rufford branch)
Leeds and Liverpool canal (Rufford branch) (09 Jun 2023__16:19:21)
Buttercup meadow
Buttercup meadow (09 Jun 2023__16:30:52)
Leeds and Liverpool canal (Rufford branch)
Leeds and Liverpool canal (Rufford branch) (09 Jun 2023__16:41:16)
Rufford Marina
Rufford Marina (09 Jun 2023__16:55:03)