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Gear Lists


Below are three separate lists indicated by coloured columns for different periods of the year:- 1: Summer 2: Spring/Autumn 3: Hard Winter. The lists are for solo trips.

These are rough divisions and depend on the weather forecast as much as the calendar, the twilight zones being the transitions between the traditional seasons. Spring/Autumn includes the periods when there can be a large temperature differential between day and night: the nights and early mornings can be cold and even frosty while the days can be mild or quite warm. On some trips I'll take some items from one column and some from another, but they give a good idea of the weights involved.

Base weights

The base weight is supposed to be the pack weight excluding water and food, i.e. the constant weight carried throughout the backpack. One problem with the often quoted base weights is exactly what is included and excluded, notably clothing that is worn only part of the time: sometimes it is on your person, sometimes in the pack. This represents a significant weight and includes waterproof jacket, waterproof overtrousers, fleece, gaiters, gloves, hat, shades etc.

My approach here is to exclude from the lists the clothing that is always worn, i.e. base layers, normal legwear, socks and footwear. All the other part-time items mentioned above are included in the lists.

Also I have excluded camera equipment from the lists since it is an extra and not related to the walking or camping. Other electronics related to walking are in the base list including phone with mapping and/or GPS unit. In winter I include Kahtoola Microspikes that I nearly always take. It would be very rare for me to take crampons now, but I do have Kahtoola flexible crampons that would add another 85g to the winter column if I did. I never take an ice axe these days.

Also, not in the table since it's rarely used, I have an old Terra Nova LaserComp tent specifically for fast-and-light mainly low level trails where stealth is desirable for pitching - weight 860g. I could save weight by taking this on all solo trips outside winter, but I hate it... and like it just enough not to chuck it!.


This table shows the base weights and itemised weights for the three periods of the year.

Base weight kg